What are the Casino bonuses?

What are the Casino bonuses?

The online casino business has now developed to its fullest capacity capturing a spectacular share of the market with an exhaustive return on investment. Their success rate has appalled the big investors of the market who are spell bound seeing the progress of the income within such a short time with least investment and labor. But these players of the industry forget the labor and dedication of the initial entrepreneurs who took up the challenge like true pioneers for establishing their dream to success. In their endeavor the engineers of the information technology did give their active participation and cooperation which enabled the online casino sites to prosper at such a rapid pace.

The casino bonuses

The scenario has changed a lot after the success of the online casino business and there are many entrepreneurs who are eager to grasp a share of the market. As a result we find an astounding number of casino sites in the internet ranging to 27 million casino sites. This vast number of competitors has made the business scenario very tough to compete necessitating introduction of promotional ventures in order to survive by beating the competitors. But as is the case of such promotional schemes the expectations of the customers go on increasing thereby requiring the introduction of newer incentives. However the casino bonuses have remained to be an important factor for luring the players to the 918kiss apk casino sites.


Types of bonuses

The bonuses are designed for the players looking at their stage of play with the sites. As for example there are welcome bonuses for the new comers and deposit bonus schemes for the existing players for encouraging staying on at the site.

No deposit bonus

This is a scheme for luring the fresh players to the site. The players need not to deposit any amount in their account and the site owner would deposit the welcome bonus amount in the account to enable the new players to play for free so that they get accustomed to the chance games. But the players are not allowed to withdraw any money from the account.

Free deposit bonus

In this scheme some deposit is done by the site owners to the account holder but the players have to deposit some amount in their account. This is also meant for the new players.

Play only bonus

This bonus is for the existing players so that they stay on at the site. The site owner deposits some amount in their account the amount of which depends on the wagering amount of the existing players. In this way the site owner tries to attract the existing players to wager more.