Month: March 2020

Traits of Poker Players

For those players for whom poker is an art, the above types are not real poker players, they are not very bad, and they are simply not real. They are in clubs, but they are not stars. A good player strives for growth and understanding in order to improve his already good game. He or she understands that a game is a complex mixture of skills, drama, and perception. They know their weaknesses and work hard to improve their positives, while the bad ones are reduced.

In one of the best masterpieces of Soviet satire, a brilliant fraudster, in order to win some money, convinces a local chess club in a small town that he is a travel master and organizes a tournament. First, he charges a surprised poker enthusiast, and then he plays “twelve identical matches”, not realizing what he’s actually doing, this is the second chess game in his life, but the arrangement of pieces is more or less correct with frightened locals too They read a lot about their banal movements. However, very soon, in a good mood, he completely loses twelve games at the same time, to the amazement of the city. By then, however, you bought the necessary time and ran away with the money. He is not a good player, but he is a winner.

Traits of Poker Players

The essence of satire is that a good player, poker or not, can be determined by what his goal is. The fictional satire cheater was an effective chess player because his goal was to earn some money and run, and he did just that. In addition, he was well aware of his shortcomings as a chess player and developed a plan for a quick game and getting money before the townspeople seized him.

A large group of Bandarq players in this world deny their true poker skills. The ego can be very great in this game with hooliganism and risk. They never understood the amazing complexity of the game and do not spend time learning its nuances and skills necessary for a successful game. The pleasure of the game lies in its own complexity, and it takes a lifetime to study it, and even then new ideas have yet to be discovered. A player who understands this will have a lucrative career at the poker table.


Some players play a memory game and win in the long run. They do not consider the game always a useful process of learning and growth. But they win, and if that is their goal, they are good poker players.