How to Earn More Free Coins and Spins?

How to Earn More Free Coins and Spins?

Want to know how you can earn unlimited coins and spins in House of Fun game? You’re at the right place; here we will look at the different ways to earn free coins and spins when playing House of Fun game online. There’s the new game, which is making lots of news. And if you’re searching for the right ways to earn spins and coins, we will not waste your time. Let us check out the top ways at

Connect the Social Media Account

The House of fun game provides a huge amount of coins and spins for free just by registering into your Facebook account. This can help you to earn free coins and spins in another spinning in order to win higher bets or game currency. Just like other slot machine game apps available right now, house of fun game provides free coins and spins after connecting your media account with its gameplay. This makes you qualified for some deals and promotions that allow you to win higher coins and spins. All you have to do is to login in the account & register on the website with the users’ id.

Watch Ads & Get Free Coins and Spins

There’re a lot of games that make use of ads for giving their players bonuses and prizes. House of Fun is not at all different. You will get free spins and coins just by watching the ads. You can earn one spin for free by watching one ad.  Each user will be offered certain ads daily. It means you can get more spins daily just by watching the ads.

Bonus Giveaway

After every three hours, the players playing at House of Fun will collect the free bonus spins, by loading their app. If you play more, the prizes will become larger. Make sure you continue playing House of Fun game for free every day & your free spins and coins will grow every hour, expanding exponentially till you get the huge prize. After consecutive play, you begin this process again, so you will always have an access to the House of Fun spins and coins for free.

Final Words

If you do not want to the House of Fun games, make sure you continue playing the slots every day & keep a watch on the social media accounts too. If you are looking to earn free coins and spins, consistency is a key.